Lodge History

Welcome to The Stumbling Moose Lodge, a cherished cornerstone of Pitkin’s history and a beacon of hospitality in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Since its humble beginnings in 1961, this venerable lodge has been a haven for travelers seeking respite amidst the splendor of the wilderness.

Constructed with lumber from a neighboring mill, the origins of lodge are intertwined with the rich history of Pitkin itself. While the identity of the original builder remains a mystery, the lodge’s rustic charm and enduring appeal have left an indelible mark on generations of visitors.

In 2021, The Schellenberg family saw not only its historical significance but also its potential to shape the future of Pitkin. Recognizing the need to preserve and enhance the town’s charm, they seized the opportunity to breathe new life into the lodge, fearing that neglect would diminish its legacy.

Through months of renovation and restoration, the family of six worked tirelessly to restore the lodge to its former glory with the addition of modern comforts. They were humbled by the stories shared by longtime residents who would visit as they worked. Memories of days gone by, of cherished traditions, and communal gatherings, shaped their mission to create a space where old and new visitors alike could forge lasting memories. Treasures salvaged from within the valley, dating back to the early 1900s, found new life as ceiling decor, connecting the present to the town’s storied past.

As the warm embrace of Summer 2022 unfolded, the Schellenberg family eagerly prepared to unveil the grandeur of their lodge, welcoming discerning guests to bask in its rustic charm and indulge in the delights of their meticulously curated bar and grill.

Today, the Stumbling Moose Lodge stands as a testament to the family‚Äôs love for Pitkin and their commitment to creating a welcoming haven for travelers from near and far. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the great outdoors or simply yearning for a peaceful retreat in the mountains, the Schellenberg family invites you to experience the magic of Pitkin at the Stumbling. Welcome home.

100 2nd Street, Pitkin, Colorado 81241
Phone: (970) 648-4150

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